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Onboard travel tech graduates

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Raised Capital

A no-code mapping platform that allows destinations to quickly and easily create and

share 3D interactive mapping experiences. We have partnered with 15 destinations

around the world with a quickly growing pipeline.

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Tora Tora

Raised Capital

A surprise travel package includes flight and accommodation, as well as addable extras such as onsite activities, flight preferences, transfers, and insurance for the travel and flight. The principal value proposition for our service is to be a unique platform that, in just a few clicks, allows the user to organize a complete trip.

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City Guyd

Raised Capital

Turning real-life people into digital, Augmented Reality tour guides! Our digital guides can be found at cities, landmarks, & events across the globe - improving the travel experience, increasing fan engagement, and providing our clients with valuable data on their visitors!

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Raised Capital

AI SaaS for the hospitality industry that adapts to real-time menus, prices, and promotions to increase revenues, reduce costs, and decrease food waste.

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Raised Capital

free app that allows you to discover more than 300 cities around the world by running, walking, cycling, or wheel chairing. JOOKS vocally guides you through the city and comments on the remarkable points you pass along the way, a combination of a voice GPS and an audio guide, available in 8 languages. Fully integrating Big Data to improve the user experience in the field of health and well-being.​

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Raised Capital

An IoT technology to turn any reusable cup into an e-wallet to pay drinks in hospitality, events and leisure venues. Over €400K revenues generated in Italy, validating the technology and value proposition for hosts and beverage brands.

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Raised Capital

A global B2B2C airport concierge with personalized assistive experience. Empowering pre-ordering of airport, in-flight & travel services like duty-free, F&B, cabs, meet & greet, local attractions, and more by integrating into multiple passenger touchpoints to promote sales and increase ancillary revenues and engagement.



Raised Capital, Partnered with Samsung

Seevoov develops a social, interactive video-based trip planner.

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Self Reception

Raised Capital

Hospitality kiosk that amends or replace reception desk. Link to website

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Raised Capital

HotelsBi provides personal, behavior-based, pricing solution for hotel websites.

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Raised Capital

 EasyWay created Eve, an AI-powered chatbot assistant that allows travelers to experience destinations authentically by providing them personally tailored and exclusive advice covering all their needs

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Raised Capital

Nexto is reimagining the on-location visitor experience of travel destinations by transforming guided tours into gamified adventures with elements of augmented reality (AR).



Raised Capital

mart restaurant solution, POS & interactive menu designed to power your entire business



Raised Capital

Intelligent travel serch making sense of the world's information to help a customer make the best travel decisions on where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do.

Raised Capital is the fastes way to discover and book unique multi- city trips around Europe by flights, trains and ferries in one payment.

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