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Call for startups 

A global open call for innovative travel tech startups!

A scale-up platform focused on identifying, validating, and growing Travel-tech companies.

The program will position you in front of the top brands, industry leaders, top investors, legal and finance executives & top global markets, and clients.

This is your opportunity to grow, validate, connect to potential clients and open new market opportunities!

Selected startups will attend a week-long program in-person in Tel Aviv from September 12th-16th.

The program connects startups with investors and industry leaders to advance and support market expansion.

Selected startups will receive: *

- Participate in a full week of one on one meetings & sessions with investors and industry leaders.

- Present your startup & technology at the final event expo.

- Pitch in front of investors and industry leaders at the final pitch event.

- Selected startups* will pitch at one or more of Sharenett's events** in front of leading family offices.

- Selected startups* will receive access to Office space for up to 1-year.

-Selected startups* will have the opportunity to scale up with the Oracle Cloud and receive $40k of cloud credit, 70% discount on Oracle Cloud for 2 years, help with migration, 24/7 Technical Support, expert mentor to guide you every step of the way, biz Dev support, engage with some of Oracle’s 430,000+ customers worldwide, get acquainted with investors through VC Connect, and enjoy exposure via global marketing, events, and PR teams.


*Subject to due diligence.

**Subject to changes.


Startups application

Looking for the next travel tech industry leaders

Registration is open

Who is this program for?


  • COVID 19 complaint technology

  • A solid established team

  • Working product

  • Validated technology

  • Initial client\user engagement\feedback

  • Travel/ Hospitality Tech related

  • Improving customer experience processes

  • Ready to go to market

  • Raised capital\funds

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